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growing number of ranch owners and prospective ranch owners are highly educated professionals who, although they love country life and are fascinated by the intricacies of ranching, have little background and even less time to handle the day-to-day activities. To help these gentlemen ranchers fully enjoy their country spreads, and get the most out of their investment, the Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) brings to bear over 80 years of ranching experience into a comprehensive ranch development and management company that encompasses the full range of ranching services.

Since 1924 when the first Austin Brown began the ranching operation in Bee County, Texas, the Brown family has been perfecting the skills necessary for effective and practical ranch management. Today, they bring generations of know-how to the table in all facets of running a successful ranch. Ranch owners can turn to Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) with total confidence to manage all the intricate affairs of the ranch operation, so that the client can focus on what he does best; his profession. By leaving ranch management to the seasoned pros at BLC, ranch ownership becomes an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Everything starts with a plan. Initially BLC will sit down with the client and help to clarify the goals that the client wishes to achieve for the ranch operation. Considerations include natural resources including water, vegetation and wildlife. Livestock concerns are considered. Does the client wish to raise cattle? What are the priorities for real estate improvements? What about brush and pasture management? Finally, a successful ranching operation like any other business requires accurate record keeping and accounting practices. BLC works with the clients' CPA to provide a program customized to the clients requirements.

If the new ranch owner wants to develop a cattle enterprise, BLC will make recommendations and purchase quality livestock according to the goals worked out with the client. Conversely if the purchased property already has livestock on the premises, which the client does not want to maintain, BLC will find buyers and handle the sale of the livestock and the leasing of the grass.

Brush and Pasture Management:
When the time comes to increase the ranch’s livestock carrying capacity, BLC’s brush and pasture management team will provide all the needed planning, supervision and equipment.

Wildlife is a popular component of ranch life. Encouraging the development of desirable wild game populations takes know-how and diligence. BLC has had extensive experience in wildlife enhancement and maintenance programs.

Do new fences, pens or stables need to be built? Does the client wish to remodel the ranch house? Does the barn need immediate repairs? BLC consultants and affiliates can handle all aspects of real estate improvements to develop the ranch into an effective, productive concern.

BLC will make recommendations for needed equipment and handle the leasing and/or purchase negotiations on the client’s behalf. Our thorough knowledge of the vendors and the market give us the edge in negotiating the most advantageous terms.

In the final analysis a ranch runs on people. Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) managers have the experience to locate and hire qualified full-time ranch hands and supervisors.

The Office:
A ranch’s financial records are vitally important. BLC has the facilities to keep accurate, computerized, financial records on the ranch which meet all the standards of the client’s CPA as well as that of the IRS. BLC can pay all the bills, handle payroll and provide accurate and regular position statements to the owner.

For clients who desire a full, comprehensive management arrangement (Turn-key), BLC will work with the client to custom design a plan to meet all the clients’ needs. We will hire the hands, procure the equipment, design and build the improvements, enhance the natural resources, buy, sell and raise the livestock, pay all the bills and keep a judicious eye on all financial decisions and provide accurate up to date accounting to the client.