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To Whom it may concern:

This is a recommendation for the Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) managed by Austin Brown, II.

The operation of a 3,000 acre farm and ranch about five miles north of Agua Dulce, Texas (known as Charco Cattle Company) was successful over a period of 11 years due in large part to Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) involvement.

During that time Austin Brown and his associates were cobrokers in connection with the purchase of the property, the supervisors during operations and were the brokers in connection with the successful sale of the property.

The Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) supervised and actively participated in the operations of every angle of the farm and ranch. It was possible to refer to them for help in all aspects of operation, including hiring of personnel; supervision of activities on the ranch; construction of every nature, including arrangements for an irrigation program that was unique and very successful. The work they handled included maintenance of necessary records, filing of tax information, purchase and sale of cattle, contact with governmental authorities and meeting with owners frequently at the site of the property. Their supervision made the ownership of such a large and complicated property a pleasant experience rather than the drudgery that it might have been.

Their organization includes individuals representing several generations of successful ranch ownership and operations, as well as personnel with professional education in farm and ranch activities.

I would highly recommend them for any area of farm and ranch supervision and operation.

Very truly yours,
Paul Haas
Corpus Christi, Texas

My law practice is comprised primarily of estate planning and estate and trust administration, and occasionally my clients need assistance in the management and overseeing of their ranching properties. I have known the Brown family and principals at Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) for many years. I recently had the pleasure of referring a long time client who is outside of the U.S. most of the year and who owns ranch property in Texas to Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) for management assistance. They have more than satisfied all of my client's needs with their ranch management expertise, but also provided excellent oversight in several major residential construction and other ranch improvement projects.

I am very pleased to highly recommend Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) and their outstanding management services.

Marshall Groce
Board Certified, Estate Planning & Probate Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization
San Antonio, Texas

"We have utilized the firm of Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) on a number of occasions and find them to be a company with integrity and sound business practices. We have enjoyed a fine working relationship with their people and appreciate their personal attention."

L.D. Brinkman
Kerrville, Texas

"I have used the services of Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) and Ed Brown for many years, and have utilised most of the services they offer to those engaged in agriculture. I have always been particularly impressed with the high quality of service and dedication of those who have made up the Browns' team through the years."

Former Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe
Briscoe Ranches, Inc.
Uvalde, Texas

"I first did business with the Brown Family better than 25 years ago. I have been associated with them in one way or another ever since. Three generations of Browns have been valuable members of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers and the Texas Hereford Association in that they have lent their expertise and advice to us... We can call and talk to them and they understand our needs and requirements,and perform and assist us whenever they are needed."

James L. "Jimmy" Powell
Ft. McKavett, Texas

"You mention the name Brown to anyone who is knowledgeable about farming and ranching in our area and right away they associate them with.... brokerage and appraisals. For anyone who needs the services which they offer, I would recommend Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group)."

Wayne Showers
Pres., Griffin & Brand of McAllen
McAllen, Texas

Brown Land & Cattle (formerly Brown Ranch Group) has a lot to offer to any rancher but at the top of the list is BLC’s HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND STRAIGHT TALK----that is what I need most and that is what I get from them.  Because of my combined South American and Texas ranch operations, I would be sunk without BLC with no chance to do what I need done where it counts the most.  Thanks a million for the information on the website----it is very interesting and informative, even for someone who knows them like I do.

Rhett Butler from Houston, Texas